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Schaller 13050237 Tremolo Cromato No Fine Tuning


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Schaller 13050237 Tremolo Cromato No Fine Tuning

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The baseplate of hardened steel and the solid spring block ensure an outstanding sustain. Roller bridge saddles fix the strings in their optimum position. Perfect replacement for Fender™* Stratocaster tremolos. (*Fender is a protected trademark owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation)

  • All tremolo systems are supplied complete with mounting accessories. (standard: without nut)
  • We supply tremolo blocks in heights of 32, 37 and 42mm. (standard: 37mm)
  • When ordering, please specify the required block length.

Special studs with additional inserts are used to mount the tremolo onto the instrument. The inserts have a fine thread. We also supply studs with threads which enable the studs to be screwed into the wood body of the instrument directly, i.e. without inserts. 


  • Model: Steel Plate
  • Model: 
  • Tremolo-Block (mm): 32/37/42
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Measurements l x w x h (mm): 93,5x39,5x8,5
  • Weight g/item: 415
  • Bore mm: 10
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