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Inaki Sebastian VCS4 Medium - Hard Sound


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Inaki Sebastian VCS4 Medium - Hard Sound Serie Concert quaterna battenti vibrafono

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VCS4 MEDIUM - HARD hardness-gris.svg

Professional model, for comprehensive usage. Big and a little bit bright sound, which gives a very clear and precise attack. Heavier material with longer shaft resulting more sound projection, but it still maintains a good balance. It is especially recommended for playing in big ensembles, symphonic orchestra, etc... 

And it is a good model for playing with jazz ensembles. Sounds very well on the whole range of the vibraphone and also marimba. It is one our best models.

Rattan shaft / Length: 39 cm
Diameter: +/- 9.5 mm
Wooden shaft: 39 cm, same price
Interior head: medium hard and big thermoplastic
Wool tension: very high
Weight: +/- 38-39 gr